Links We Like

{Highly eclectic and in no particular order} Founded by Mark, Alpheios makes software and open source code for reading and learning ancient languages. In the first release, Latin and Ancient Greek texts are supported. Nimbus Arts is the local Napa Valley Community Arts Center that we founded and love. It provides education and experiences in the arts for all ages and combines art with science/environmental education in unique and interesting ways. The American Institute for Roman Culture (located in Rome, Italy) provides archeological and architectural educational programming and conducts fascinating archeological digs in and around Rome. Cool the Earth is a ready-to-run program that educates K-8 students and their families about global warming and inspires them to take simple actions to reduce their carbon emissions. Check out this site for witty and usable tools for your mac. We especially like the book book! We are happy to report that literature is not dead, and McSweeneys is keeping it alive in new and interesting forms. Our favorite video on YouTube – parents and kids alike will love this one. “Undriving is based on a simple notion: driving less is both beneficial and doable…And instead of finger-wagging, the program engages the whole community with a focus on having fun…Now that’s a change.” —Worldchanging magazine Started by our friend Leslie Hawke, the Alex Fund is the US Foundation that supports the Fiecare Copil in Școală (“Every Child in School”) program. This is a long-term integrated strategy in Romania to eradicate school abandonment caused by poverty. Read Leslie’s story. Endlessly inspiring, TED offers riveting talks by remarkable people free to the world. Check out a few of our favorites: Jill Bolte, Steve Jobs, Hans Rosling. Perseus is a rich and diverse digital library of classical texts, tools, and information about classical studies. We are great admirers and supporters of Montessori education. This is the site of the North American Montessori Teachers’ Association and includes resources for both teachers and parents.